Crimson Estate is the ancestral home of the Crimson family. The house was built by Drake Crimson when he arrived at New-Askaftia. The house is one of the oldest of New-Askaftia.


Crimson Estate was built from 250 to 251 by Drake Crimson, with the help of Voodhaws and Alys Barm. When Asvahald, Kilir and Drake shipwrecked in New-Askaftia, Drake built a small shelter made of rocks to sleep in. When he came back with Voodhaws and Alys, he decided to build a comfy house from the shelter.

New-Askaftia: The Journey BeginsEdit

In the beginning of the game, Arthur starts in Crimson Estate, but he leaves after meeting with George. A bit after in the story, Arthur is returned, against his will, to Crimson Estate, where Joseph forbids him from going out, fearing that he will go into Gwendolynn's Lair. However, Arthur escapes via a secret passage in the wall and goes to the lair.

During the game, (except during the quest Gwendolynn) Arthur can return whenever he wants to Crimson Estate, either to to redo the tutorial or to bring Voodhaws some ingredients for his soup with the side-quest The Grocery of Voodhaws, or get some healing potions.


Crimson Estate was inhabited by many important characters from the serie.

- Voodhaws Windfrenn (???-today)

- Drake Crimson (227-310)

- Alys Barm (229-309)

- Joseph Crimson (300-today)

- George Crimson (302-today)

- Arthur Crimson (333-today)

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