Gwendolynn Walker is the main antagonist of the New-Askaftia Trilogy. She is an evil witch living in Snowy Forest, with a strange and harsh desire to raise a family. She has three "children"; Morph, the elder, a weird water entity. Puff, a giant, white flying cube with tantacles. And Darktonian, an evil shadow.


Gwendolynn was born in year 297, in Blackvine Village, from George and Anna Walker. She was the latest child of the family and was often bullied by her siblings. She was considered the "most hideous and the shame of the family", even though she didn't do anything to be hated. As years of solitude in her bedroom passed, whe grew in anger against her family. She was so lonely that she even took a broom and called it "Mr.Moop".

During the Silent Night, when she heard the screams of children and cries of parents, she hid in her closet and prayed for her life. During nine long hours of fear, she hid in her closet, with Mr.Moop and cried. When the sunlight came back, she got out of the closet and saw Blackvine Village in ruins. Hlaf the buildings were burnt and there were corpses everywhere. Gwendolynn was devasted. She sat down and started crying, shile cuddling Mr.Moop. Suddenly, she saw a tall woman appear before her, Scelus. Scelus told Gwendolynn everything would be okay and she took Gwendolynn with her, in Hell.

Now on, Gwendolynn was being raised by Scelus, who adopted her. Scelus taught Gwendolynn the art of witchcraft and fully transformed heri nto a witch. The human feeling Scelus gave to Gwendolynn was maternal love, in memory of their relationship. Since then, Gwendolynn always considered Scelus as her true mother. Scelus even transformed Mr.Moop into a living broom as a pet.

Life in New-AskaftiaEdit

At 17, Gwendolynn left Scelus and went to New-Askaftia. When she arrived, she saw, in the Panther River, The Mudplugger. She landed on the ship and met with Captain Cook. Gwendolynn told Cook that she needed a shelter and offered her witchcraft talents to Cook. Cook agreed and offered Gwendolynn a job. He asked her to hide his hideout, so Gwendolynn created a false roof that can open and let The Mudplugger enter the hideout.

Everything was going well until she decided to leave Cook and go on her own to build a lair. So Gwendolynn stole Captain Cook's treasures and ran away to Snowy Forest. There, she built her lair in the mountains, and started annoying the local villagers.

In year 327, she created Morph, and a year later, Puff. During many years, she raised her children with love and care and in 334, they left the lair. Morph went at Miss.Harvey's Lagoon and Puff, in the Silvermane Mountains. In year 349, while brewing a potion, she accidentally created Darktonian, her last Child.

New-Askaftia: The Journey BeginsEdit

In the first game of the trilogy, Gwendolynn, in the intro, is seen brewing potions. Suddenly, her cauldron explodes and a shadowy figure emerges from it. Gwednolynn baptizes the shadow, Darktonian. She realizes he could help her to take over the empire and then tells the him to follow her. They run outside, get on Mr.Moop and fly away to the Silvermane Mountains. Gwendolynn explains the plan to Darktonian and let him drop in the mountains. Darktonian sucks the life force of the empire and then teleports away.

Arthur first meets Gwendolynn after defeating Puff. She arrives on Mr.Moop and blubbers at Arthur for killing her daugther. She challenges him to come at her lair, to see if he has the courage to even try to kill her. When Arthur arrives at the top of her lair, she fights with him on Mr.Moop and eventually explodes at the end.

When Arthur leaves her lair, Mr.Moop gathers her bodie parts and helps Gwendolynn to sew them together. Afterwards, she builds Mr.Rosenberg, a smith-robot, and orders him to go in Toxic Bayou, and enslave the goblins to build a weapon factory. Then, she goes join her son in the Sanctuary of The Lost Shame to get the life force from her son. Then, once again, she meets with Arthur. After talking a bit, she flies away and let Darktonian take care of Arthur. Gwendolynn flies to Athlanos where she begins her siege in the abandonned castle. Soon, the whole Imperial Guard is at Athlanos trying to defend the village from the monsters. Arthur arrives on the battlefield and infiltrates the castle to mmet with Gwendolynn, in her demonic siege engine. After a long fight, Gwendolynn's engine machine is destroyed and she lands a few meters away, in front of General Douglas McCoy. She gets caught by the guard and transported in NarrowDeep Mine, but not before casting a powerful sleeping spell on Arthur.

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