The Lagoon, often called Miss Harvey's Lagoon, is a location in Askaftia.


The Lagoon is located on a peninsula in the Astral Gulf. It can be accessed via a boat transport near the watch towers south of Crimson Farm. Its entrance is also connected with the Silvermane Mountains.


The Lagoon, although it is rather close to Askaftia City, is a secluded area. The inhabitants of the lagoon have a distinct accent from the rest of the Askaftian population. It should also be noticed that the region lacks from the Imperial Legion's presence. The only watch tower is old and weak, and only counts two guards for the whole peninsula.


Not many people live on the lagoon's peninsula; mainly members of the Harvey family.

-Lewis, Soldier of the Imperial Legion

-Asmund, Soldier of the Imperial Legion

-Rita Harvey, owner of the lagoon

-Isabelle, daughter of Rita and resident of the lagoon

-Gaétan, son of Rita and resident of the lagoon

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